Autism friendly India

autsi provides lifelong training and support to parents of children with autism in India.

autsi - building an autism friendly India

Autism in India

In India - Children diagnosed with autism has been on the rise with the ratio being 1 out of every 100 child. Around 10 per cent of school-going children have been diagnosed with mild to severe learning challenges.

autsi - building an autism friendly India
  • Late Diagnosis

    In 75% of the cases – Diagnosis of autism happens only after the child is 2 years of age.

  • Not enough experts

    Access to expert care for autism is expensive, and just not enough.

  • Parents want training

    Parents are highly motivated, spend most time with the child but lack training to improve their caregiving skills.

  • No easy way

    There is no easy way for parents to connect with other parents, or find experts and caregivers close to them.

Our focus in on Parents

The life of a Parent with a child who has autism is an extraordinary one. Even simple day to day activities that we take for granted becomes extraordinarily difficult for them. Parents understand what other parents are going through and are always supporting each other.

Every parent in autsi is creating more caregivers by helping them (parents) and connecting. Common problems faced by the children with autism are difficulty with communication, difficulty with social interactions, obsessive interests, and repetitive behaviours. These problems can be dealt by anyone experienced in taking care of such children. We also bring content from expert NGOs, Schools so parents can easily access and learn from them!

autsi - building an autism friendly India

Parents Helping Parents

We have put together 3 simple but powerful tools to support parents and experts. All our tools will be forever free and open. There is no one solution to this problem. We will keep innovating and learning. So if you are a parent, expert or a caregiver - join our tools below today.

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Experts & Caregivers

Autism Experts and Caregivers like Inclusive schools, special education centers, NGOs, Clinics are a vital part of the autism ecosystem. We need your help.


This platform is for you. We know how extraordinary you are! Please write to [email protected] to share tips, learnings with other parents. Engage with other other parents on connect and share your experiences. Give us feedback and inputs so we can improve.


Individual experts can provide valuable advice and support to parents so that they can become better caregivers. Please join connect community and interect with parents. To share free training content, ideas, tips to parents and autsi community - write to [email protected]


Please join connect community and share updates about your wonderful work. Write to [email protected] to share content, ideas and tips for parents.