We spoke to 124 Parents of children with autism across India who helped us understand the problem better . We learnt that  

→ In 75% of the cases Diagnosis happens only after the child is 2 years of age.

 → access to expert care for autism is expensive, and just not enough.

→ Parents are highly motivated, spend most time with the child but lack training

→ Parents are connected to other similar parents nearby. They also understand what other parents are going through and are always supporting each other.


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  1. Anonymous

    Agreat idea.Much valuable
    An excellent tool to bring in all such parents, teachers and other such servive providers under one roof for getting educated and oriented in this field. Agreat opportunity for the parents to
    Ventilate their feelings of sufferings,difficulties through sharing, expressing views and exchanging ideas to get a sense of relief by developing a sense of understanding as well as promoting friendly relation among ea h other.

  2. Anonymous

    We should motivate service organisation who serve with low cost or free service for the autism childrens. Nowadays, therapist in Chennai are renting a small house as a school for autism childrens and charging high fees for autism childrens and they are keeping children's by locking doors and treating childrens in creche method not doing any therapy properly and when parents visit to see how they perform they will act as if they are seriously doing something afterwards they wont take care of children's properly. Business and making money is the new trend in Chennai. Ofcourse autism parents pain in bringing up the child cannot be expressed in words and more families are economically weak they can't afford for exorbitant fees, how they will train up childrens. In Kerala there is many service organisation who do the service free of cost or charging low fees is a great relief for autism parents. We are moving from Chennai to kerala for getting service for my ADD affected kid. I request the public to protest against those therapy center's and rehabilitation centers performing their service for big money business, those cheaters advantage is autism affected kids does not inform what is happening inside the therapy centers.We suffered for 8years with my kid spending many lakh rupees. Please spread this message and also government should start autism therapy center's to cater the needs of these childrens wirh free of cost or affordable cost to help autism childrens parents.

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